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FREE Shipping on orders over $99!

RC Air Combat RC Drones (2-Pack)

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2.4GHz, 4 channel, 6 Axis Gyro, Infra-red Battling function These drones each weigh 0.077lbs - 0.035kgs - 35.00grams These items are below the minimum weight for which the new Canadian legislation applies. However, please fly responsibly so that drones can continue to be enjoyed by all without the need for further or more restrictive regulations being imposed. This means that the community of drone pilots (or any other model aircraft) needs to continue to use and practice common sense, and to consider public safety and privacy. Fly in a safe and responsible manner so that drones can continue to be enjoyed by everyone. Stay far away from airports, aircraft, restricted airspace, buildings, crowds etc. It's now the law! If you fly your drone for fun and it weighs more than 250 g and up to 35 kg, follow these new rules. Flying for fun? New rules for recreational drone users

Specification & Features

  • 2 Battle Drones
  • Range 30M / 100FT
  • 2 RC Controllers
  • 2 Rechargeable Lithium batteries
  • 2 USB charging cables
  • 2 sets of tools and 4A and 4B spare blades.
  • Weight 0.077lbs - 0.035kgs - 35.00grams

User Manual (Click Here)

Important Notice

Carefully review and follow the laws/regulations when flying a UAV: USA Unmanned Aircraft Systems. What Can I Do with my Model Aircraft? Press Release FAA Announces Small UAS Registration Rule Know Before You Fly CANADA Drone Safety Canada Flying a drone recreationally